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Mikhail Isachenkov

An exceptional musician and physicist, Mikhail Isachenkov was born in 1989 in Moscow. He began to play piano in the age of 7. In 2003 he entered the Special Piano Department of the Academic Junior Music College in Association with the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory, class of Tatiana Rakova, which he finished in 2007. Simultaneosly, in 2004 Mikhail joined the Department of Physics of the Lomonosov Moscow State University, Chair of Quantum Statistics and Field Theory, from which he has graduated summa cum laude in 2010, supervised by Prof. V.I.Zakharov. After finishing the Academic Music College in 2007 Mikhail entered the Special Piano Department of the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory, with Prof. Elena Kuznetsova, from which he graduated with honours in 2012. During the years of his brilliant studies Mikhail Isachenkov gave numerous concerts as a soloist and an ensemblist on major Russian concert stages including the Great Hall of the Moscow State Conservatory. Besides, he participated in international festivals and competitions throughout Russia and Europe. Since 2012, Mikhail has been doing his Ph.D. studies at DESY (Hamburg) as a researcher in the DESY String Theory Group, supervised by Prof. V. Schomerus. Mikhail is an author of several scientific papers.

Tatevik Chubarian

Concert painter 

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