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Anton Prischepa

Brilliant musician and composer, Anton Prischepa studied clarinet (class of Assist. Prof. Nikolay Volkov) and composition (class of Vladimir Dovgan) in Gnessin Music School. Since 2001 he studied in Russian Gnessin Academy of Music fist as a student and then as a postgraduate at clarinet class of Nikolay Volkov and composition class of Prof. Cyrill Volkov.During his study Anton composed a number of instrumental and vocal chamber works, performed both in Russia and abroad. As a soloist and a member of chamber collectives Prischepa performed in Russia, Georgia, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands and Japan.Anton Prischepa is an award winner of numerous International competitions: Young Musicians Competition «Classical Heritage» (1993), International Competition «Classic Chamber Ensemble» (1996), «Siberian Music Assemblies» (2002, Novosibirsk), a First Prize winner of the 2nd and 3rd young composers contests ‘Crystal Tuning Fork’, and of the Ist international Scryabin Composing Competition.At present Anton is a soloist of «Classics-Art» ensemble, a professor of clarinet, composing, chamber ensemble and music informatics at Gnessin Musical College, and a Chairman of Department of Tune instruments in Gnessin College. 

To read more, please follow the link:!anton-prishchepa/c1ehq


Tatevik Chubarian

Concert painter 

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